And there it is…

Your passive aggressive barb

spewed into your captive audience.

The pious minister defines your nuptials

as a true biblical marriage between a

man and a woman under god.

Even your bride, far from blushing,

was rolling her eyes.


And where were those beliefs

when you threw away your first marriage,

after a yearlong affair, and walked

out on your children 3 weeks before

the biggest holiday of your supposed faith?


Hypocrisy at its finest.


You lied on paper so you could

pay the bare minimum, then refused

your children the time you promised.

But the pittance you begrudgingly bestowed

on the seeds you planted spared you the title

of deadbeat dad, and you were fine with that!


Perhaps the truth of the man you aren’t/weren’t

is what landed you addicted and in rehab at the

the ripe old age of nearly 50, where you joined the

ranks of other snivelers who blame everybody but

themselves for the messes they’ve made of their lives!


What a role model!


Your kids are grown now and you didn’t take part, but somehow

you still think you’re deserving of respect and credit.


Karma has a way of coming around, and this time I got a

front row seat for the show…

the day your son decided to honor the parents

who really raised him and he became a Heart.

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