Random Acts of Love and Kindness

Sunshine in a flower
Sunshine in a flower

I know I haven’t written in while.. today I have a couple of short stories to share that will hopefully bring a smile to your face.  Just a couple of seemingly random events that have recently happened in the daily chaos that is life.

Act 1  

In late June I took a trip to northern California to help care for a friend who was having surgery.  All went well and we had a good time to boot. Yay! Go us! There were however, a multitude of funny things that went on and I may write more about that later. For now, though, I really want to share this one very special moment that happened on our shuttle roller coaster ride from hell on the way to the house we had rented. The driver that picked us up had a poor attitude from the start. Lets just say he was downright angry, and it was more than evident in his driving and the way he threw our luggage around at each stop.  I think we had 4 fares on the shuttle and we ended up being the last one dropped off.  My friend and I were patient, and did our level best to be understanding, but we both sort of lost our composure a bit when we almost hit a bus and several pedestrians in a crosswalk where the driver was making some sort of illegal u-turn. Finally we were down to the last two fares.. a lovely elderly lady, and us. As we slid sideways into a sort of paralell parking spot, grateful for the brief moment of reprieve, I began to survey the surroundings.  That’s when it happened…

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw an elderly gentleman making his way down a short concrete entry staircase toward the street.  I noticed him because he was moving so very slow, when up to this moment we had been moving so very fast. Gingerly and a little unsteady he descended the stairs.. as he got to the bottom I noticed he was holding in his hand a single beautiful Sunflower.  At that moment I realized he was there for the lady getting off our shuttle. I got out my camera but the shuttle windows were obscured probably so you wouldn’t see the accident about to happen, and I couldn’t get a clear shot. At first he was headed for the front of the shuttle… then someone called him to go to the back where the lady and the driver were removing, throwing,  her luggage, he turned and tried to hurry a little which was even more endearing. It was a perfect moment when he reached her and gave her the flower. I have no idea how long they have been a couple, but I think that is the very kind of love that most of us hope for…. the kind where an 80-something lover uses every ounce of his steam to bring a single flower to his lady love.  Faith renewed. 🙂

A little Sunshine for your day. :)
A little Sunshine for your day. 🙂


Act 2

Yesterday, I ran out to get some take out, from a healthy little place that we like to frequent.  You can’t go wrong with chicken and rice.  As I exited my car, I noticed a man ahead of me carrying his  daughter (3 to 4 ish) in his arms, her head fast asleep on daddy’s shoulder.  I swear kids can sleep anywhere! At first I just thought how sweet that he just carried her instead of waking her up.  As we stood there waiting for our food, which didn’t take forever, but it was a bit to just be holding a sleeping little one, I noticed some things about this young father.  He was very thin. He was wearing shorts, and as he walked toward the door, after having paid, and getting his food, all with his daughter in his arms, I couldn’t help but notice how very very thin his calves were, unnaturally so, and that he limped a little as he walked, clearly with degree of difficulty.   It dawned on me then that he was disabled. Possibly had polio at one time, or a prosthetic leg(s).  It was then that the simple loving act of a father holding his sleeping daughter while he went about his business, instead of putting her down and waking her up, was elevated to a new level of awesome!

7 thoughts on “Random Acts of Love and Kindness

  1. Sweet stories for sure. Thank you. Given the state of the news these days, these types of stories are all the more important to read. We need to take the smiles and good feelings when we can get them. 🙂


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