Stay the Course


Stay the course

while others fall to the wayside,

and you’re often tempted to quit.


Stay the course

though you’re uncertain

for certainty is not guaranteed.

When the lines fail to delineate

let your heart and your gut take the lead.

Trust that there aren’t always answers…

it’s about the journey not

the end of the road…

You were put on this path for a reason…

so… stay the course.


© 6/6/2014

Dani Heart

10 thoughts on “Stay the Course

  1. “it’s about the journey”—When we’re pursuing a dream, those words can be so difficult to live by, can’t they? We want results NOW. But all things worthwhile take time. We need to enjoy the time it takes us to get there. Lovely piece.

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    1. They sure can Carrie. 🙂 Thank you. When I look back at some of the places I’ve been and some of the things I have been through, it’s easy now to see it is about the journey, but sometimes when we’re in the thick of it.. we can’t see the forest for the trees and we’re just plain overwhelmed. lol


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