Today I would like to introduce you to…..


My new web page Heart Elevations.  About a year ago I decided to make my own greeting cards.  I had so much fun with it, and got such a positive response that I have endeavored to sell them online.  It has been a labor of frustration love researching and getting my new web site up and running.  Firstly, let me say I know not one thing about building my own website…holy crap! the fun I have had. LOL  Although it was the most cost effective and practical choice, it certainly has been a challenge, but well worth the effort.  I hope you will agree.  I have a few tweaks that may happen as I go forward.  With time there will be some things added for information and convenience, but for now, it is up and running and my designs are there for your perusal.

I also have a facebook page and a Google+ page for Heart Elevations.  I hope you will take a gander and follow.  I often post photos there of new designs and personal things created for those I love.


Blank photo art note cards I would say are my specialty.  My wife and I do all the photography for our cards.  Whenever we go on an adventure now we think to ourselves how many great photos we will get that will inspire new collections of Heart Elevations.

One of my signature cards (Grape Arbor Note Card)
One of my signature cards (Grape Arbor Note Card)

I do themed cards and cards with sentiments, and yes, I can put your own personal sentiments in a design of your choosing.  All you have to do is message me via the contact form on the website.


For those of you who are connected with me via social media you may already know about Heart Elevations, but I wanted to take this opportunity to reach a broader network via the blogoshpere.  Happy Perusing!


4 thoughts on “Today I would like to introduce you to…..

  1. Yay! I’m so impressed you set up the webpage yourself. I’ll bookmark it and check it out when I get a chance. So great that you’ve started a business out of this. I’ve already sent off two of the notecards I bought. They’re perfect for any occasion. Love them. 🙂

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