21 Knicker Twisters (Irrational…you decide?)

Today I read a post from the lovely Rarasaur.  She has decided to participate in a prompt that is making it’s rounds in the blogosphere, 21 Things I irrationally love/hate.  I have decided to participate too. So here goes.

1. Cashier’s that hand you coins on top of paper money, (especially in the drive-thru!).  Seriously, this is just a common sense thing to me.

2. People who chew gum like a cow and smack it, and think they’re cool! So high school.

3.  Drivers who don’t understand what YIELD means.

4.  Litterbugs. Especially those that discard cigarette butts and believe that’s okay.  (News flash, they are not bio-degradable) They end up in our oceans harming our marine life and ultimately us!

5.  The smell of beer, garlic on a person, spearmint, and fish. (Makes me hork, don’t know why)

6. Automated voice routing, and voice prompts when you call a company for service.  (Especially when it doesn’t understand your voice and makes you keep repeating yourself!)

7.  Pencils

8. Lack of color.  I detest bland colorless depressing environments.

9.  Statuses with sappy stories cleverly marketed to evoke emotions and garner (likes) possibly for profit.

10. People cutting in line.

11.  Paying for parking, like at hospitals, really?

12.  File folder clippy thingies.  (fasteners)

13.  Drug commercials. ( I don’t want to hear about, cialis, viagra, lipitor, abilify, in the middle of my show.  It’s all so depressing.  I once had a doctor tell me that many drugs are marketed to the public before doctors even know about them.

14. Wife beater t-shirts.  No it’s not just the horrible moniker…they’re just ugly.

15.  Anything sticky.

16. Vaulted Ceilings, so impractical.

17.  Suburbans (Chevy car model)

18.  Thongs  (Butt floss)

19.  Cigarette smoke

20. Bendable straws

21. Paper bags (itchy itchy)

So that’s my list. Tomorrow I will post things I love… I can’t imagine any of those being irrational. 😉

What about you? What are some things you love/hate irrational or not?



21 thoughts on “21 Knicker Twisters (Irrational…you decide?)

  1. Litterbugs! That’s a good one. Litter makes me cranky!

    Bendy straws, pencils, and the smell of garlic are actually amongst some of my favorite things, haha! 🙂 But everything else, yes, yes, and YES. 🙂

    Except…wait, what about paper bags make you knickertwisty? 🙂 I can’t say I love ’em, but I just don’t think about them often enough for it to go on any list, 😀


    1. We like to shop at Trader Joes and if I forget to bring my bags in they give me paper grocery bags, and they make me red and itchy if I touch them. 😦
      Funny, I can’t wait to do the things I love. 🙂


      1. Are you allergic to them somehow? Just Trader Joes bags? I’m so curious now. 🙂

        Me too! I’m excited to do the loves post, though I don’t know if I can cap it at 21… 😀


      2. Me neither on the cap…. there’s just too many. But that’s a good thing. I don’t know I may be allergic. It’s just the rough brown ones really. Like paper lunch sacks don’t bother me. weird. lol


  2. Ohh so many things I can say yes to as well! Litterbugs, seriously. Rude. And the coin/paper bill thing, I can’t tell you how many times I made the coins fly and then I feel silly for not being “handy” enough to put them in my wallet. -_-

    I’ll add your list to my post of irrational things I hate for next week! I posted the “love” list yesterday ^_^ I’ll add your link in it as well when you wrote yours! I found it pretty hard to stop at 21, so I figured to try and write things you guys don’t really know. Still difficult as I ramble about so many things online haha.

    *WAVES* xoxo


    1. Oh Tj I cannot wait to see your love list. I don’t think I got that notification? Hmm. Yeah.. I know I will have trouble stopping 21 for sure. 🙂 Maybe I just won’t… giggles and throws confetti. 😉


    1. Oh, also, not that I don’t agree with the awkward factor, but the coins on top of the bills thing comes from the days when change was given properly, as in counted back to you. So you get your biggest bills on the bottom, ones on top, and change capping that. When actually done correctly, the cashier will count it back aloud as they give you your money.

      Can you tell I not only did this in my sleep, but trained others to do it as well?


      1. I always counted back the change too, starting with the coin working up to the dollars, placing the coins in the persons hand first (so they don’t drop it) sighs… now I am trying in my head to understand the counting of the dollars first… cause that seems backward to me. Say your total is $3.54.. I would start with the penny and say this make 3.55 then the 2 dimes 65 and 75, then the quarter makes 4.00 and 1 dollar makes five, then taking the five they gave me and putting into the register. We always left the money on top of the drawer till we were done counting out so they couldn’t try to confuse us and say they gave us a 20 when they only gave us a 5. sheesh… lol the crap we have to go through…and only older people count it back. These young kids have no clue. If the register breaks they’re screwed. LOL Without an electronic device they can’t function. Thank you Ruby for the tip on the prompts. Those things make me so mad. 🙂 I am always happy to see you here.


  3. Your #1 and 2, yes, yes, yes. Both drive me crazy. I had to change seats at a movie the other day, because a woman was chomping her gum behind me. I could hear it over the surround sound. So annoying! 🙂


  4. Carrie… I can totally understand why some teachers banned gum chewing in their classrooms. LOL That would suck in the theater to have to move. 😦 Today I get to do my love list… it will be infinitely more fun. 🙂


    1. Aww Matt no worries you were not close enough for it to bother me. 🙂 My ex use to sometimes go out for beers after work and then he would come home and I would be like get away from me. LOL So it became a joke with his friends that he couldn’t snuggle if he had beer. 🙂


  5. You’re absolutely right about the change thing, you know. When I read your comment I remembered, you do start with the change and then the smaller bills in counting. I still assert that I can do it in my sleep, I just apparently can’t think about it and put it into words clearly while (half) asleep.

    Thank you for being so sweet in your comment. You have, in fact, made this such a lovely, warm, and welcoming place to visit, and I’m lucky to have found you!


  6. I love your list and I agree with most of it! I absolutely hate when people throw cigarettes out a car window. I always have a fantasy of picking it up and throwing it back in the car on top of them and saying sweetly, “here, you dropped something.” I also hate coins on top of paper money, you can’t deal with either one that way, especially with one hand (the other is holding your purse or wallet). I hate the auto responses when you call a company – and I keep saying “representative,” and then it says, “in order to help you, please tell us why you want…” Ugh! And yes – drug commercials – we’re going to use whatever our doctor prescribes, not something we see on TV. Ridiculous! And yes – cigarette smoke – YUCK! CHOKE! And the smell of beer and rotten bananas. But I do LOVE your list! 🙂


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