Close Encounters of the Holy Crap! kind

Do you believe in Aliens? It’s a simple question really, and most people have a definitive answer.  About half of our society believes that they do not exist, that we are all there is.  IMHO That’s a little arrogant.  I think just the fact that we exist leaves open the possibility that others do also.  To me it just makes sense.

I never paid much attention to UFO stories or theories about Alien life until I had an experience that to this day I cannot explain.  Now of course, I pay more attention to the phenomena.  Last night we were watching one of those shows about unexplained things…and UFOs are always included in the unexplained. There was a story about a guy who saw a little saucer in his field (in another country) and he was mesmerized. The door opened and he heard voices but couldn’t understand what they were saying, then the door closed and the saucer promptly left. Upon leaving it’s propulsion systems blasted the guy.. he was that close, and left unexplained marks on his abdomen that randomly reappeared on his skin throughout his life.  Who knows if it’s all hype… all the better for ratings and the show, right? Anyway I turned to my wife and said “What would you do if you saw that?” To which she quickly replied RUN! I would so be outa there!  LOL  So it got me to thinking about how people react in such circumstances.  Why some people run, and others are so curious that they remain.  It also brought up my own memory.

My experience was not your garden variety UFO sighting, it was a little more up close and personal in nature, and it unnerves me still when I think about it.

It was a night like any other after the work day… kids, homework, dinner, tv and bed.  Oh and back in those days we often had a night cap before bed during our shows.  At this time we had an upstairs bedroom in the center of the house. We used window fans to keep cool because we hadn’t yet put in air conditioning.  I love the fresh night air… it has always been soothing to me.  Anyway we drifted into a wonderful slumber with kitties arranged into snuggle positions and commenced to sleep peacefully until….

Have you ever woke to someone staring at you… you just start to wake up because you know someone is there and looking at you, perhaps wanting something?  Well if you are a mom (or dad) you might have experienced this.  There have been many nights where I have woken to one of our boys standing or sitting next to me, watching me, as if their mere presence would wake me so that they wouldn’t have to, which of course it did, and they would then be comforted from their nightmare of zombie chasing and cuddled till they could go back to sleep.  Ah the joys of parenting.

By the light of the moon
By the light of the moon

This night a similar thing happened, I felt as though someone were watching me, and I stirred from sleep expecting to find one of my children in need of comforting.  What I saw instead when I opened my eyes was a face very unlike my own, with large dark eyes, and a small mouth, just inches away from my face. As though a person were standing next to the bed and leaning over to peer at someone sleeping so that their face would be aligned with the sleeping person if they were to open their eyes.  I froze, wide eyed in disbelief trying to make sense of what I was seeing. Our room was never completely dark at night because we had lots of windows so it was always easy to navigate without the use of lights if you had to visit the bathroom.  This all happened in seconds but it seemed in slow motion. The feeling I got from what I saw was curiosity, but it took only seconds of processing for me to realize this wasn’t one of my children and for the the fight or flight response to kick in.  I then screamed bloody murder and shot bolt right up in the bed, and it was gone!, poof!, like it had never been there. My wife, having only heard me scream like that once or twice in all our years, shot out of the bed to a standing position ready to kill whatever was the threat.  The cats flew in unison to who knows where, all three of them.  I was instantly out of bed searching the room, looking out the window, down the hall checking on the boys, all safe in their beds snoring ( I swear boys can sleep through anything) , looking desperately for some rational explanation for what I saw.  There was none.  My first thought was it might have been one of the boys playing an awful joke, as clearly they would not have been above this at that age. sighs..  Not only were they all sleeping, there was really no way they could have run down the hall in those seconds of hyper awareness without us knowing. The next day just in case, I went through their things searching for anything that could resemble what I saw, and nothing.  No costumes, no masks, I did find dirty socks, and petrified food, but nothing to explain the unexplained.  and so to this day it remains… unexplained.  My wife said “maybe you were dreaming?”, but I wasn’t… I was awake, and my eyes were open just like when one of our boys would come in.  I have never in my life had a hallucination, nor have I ever done any kind of drug that would cause one.  It was and is… the strangest thing that has ever happened to me.  Was it an Alien?… who knows.  All I know for certain is that I can’t explain what I saw, that does not mean however, that there is not an explanation, only that I am not privy to it.

So what about you? Do you believe in Aliens?  If you saw something would you run, or investigate? Things being how they are today… I would definitely grab my phone and start taking photos for evidence and facebook. 😉

12 thoughts on “Close Encounters of the Holy Crap! kind

  1. Wow, that’s spooky. 🙂

    Although I’m first and foremost a skeptic, I think it’s highly unlikely we’re the only living things out there. As you point out, that’s a rather arrogant assumption. The universe is vast; surely there are other living beings in it. Of course, I’ve never witnessed any and would be quick to rationalize it away if I did. But that doesn’t mean they’re not out there…


  2. Carrie, I was so creeped out. I didn’t sleep well after that for weeks. I am mostly skeptical too. I think everyone loves a good scary story of the unknown. If there were a rational explanation it would not be as cool a story to tell to be sure..but try as I might I could not find one???? 😉 Cue the twilight music. lol


  3. Ciao Sweet Dani! I’m with you. Humans are very ignorant to say that “humans” are the only form of life in this universe. There is still so much to discover in the world outside Earth, so we have to keep all options open. So yes, I do believe in “aliens” or however we want to call other life forms. Your experience sounds scary though! The cats didn’t sense something else was there? Hmm maybe they did, but they weren’t alarmed.

    When I was younger, I had a phase where I did read up on aliens, UFOs. My parents had a book that I often picked up. I remember being scared, but curious haha. I had one odd experience (around 11 years old I think, with three white round lights in the sky. They appeared and vanished in some sort of pattern. Later I heard that they were supposedly from a concert that was playing that night. But I know that a spotlight has a tail that leads back to its source and I clearly saw three round lights in the sky. Ah the mystery huh? 🙂 I have a draft about aliens as well! I came across an image that sparked the idea for the post. Not sure when I’ll post it, but will link back to you when I do! xoxo


    1. Sweet TJ, I do not know if the cats sensed anything or not for sure because I had been asleep prior to seeing it, and our cats didn’t seem to care about much when they were sleeping.Noelle says my screams can wake the dead though… LOL Yes I think there has to be other life forms out there. I think also that whatever the governments do know they don’t want to share with the people. and yes spotlights do have tails…very hinky… you were right to be suspicious. 🙂


  4. WOW! How freaky. I wonder what would have happened had you not screamed. And I’m with you. To think we’re the only ones in this vast universe is just plain arrogant.


  5. I’ve had a close encounter of my own – the veil lifted one night and I saw the mother ship, and the shuttle craft to take me there, and the literal sensation of being gently pulled out of my body. I experienced waves of such profound love, followed by waves of fear (who were they?) As soon as I said Stop they stopped and gently pushed me back into my body. This happened many years ago and to this day I regret that I didn’t go with them. Oh what I would have discovered and learned – about life, about the human condition. I know now they are my friends, my guides, my ‘team’. And they are with me always supporting me and helping me in whatever way I allow. Just thinking about them fill my heart with love and my eyes with tears. Alison


  6. The house I grew up in had a resident ghost. He would walk the hallway at night, and from time to time, someone would see him and report on his whereabouts, except for me. I never saw him until my older brother left for college, leaving me the sole inhabitant of the room I had always shared. That night, I saw him peering in on me… and then after that I saw him standing by my bed on occasion too.
    I never got a feeling of animosity from his presence, but that didn’t keep me from being terrified at the same time.
    There is nothing quite as terrifying as the unknown – what did you see? where did it go? why was it there?


    1. So true. I have never seen a ghost, well I guess that alien could have been a ghost. I have experienced a ghosts activity, but did not see the ghost. wow. LOL It seemed solid though not see through like I imagine a ghost would be. 🙂 Cue the twilight zone music. I think all that stuff is pretty cool though. Thank you for sharing your story and for stopping by Matt. 🙂 It was great meeting you and your family.


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