Ode to my favorite green shirt

stagecoach in Noelle 054
This is me in my favorite green shirt..well one of them anyway.

You might not know this about me but I really don’t enjoy clothes shopping, unless of course, I am shopping for Noelle.  I love shopping for her.  When I do find something that I truly love, which is rare, I tend to stock up.  So when I found the shirt in the above photo I did just that.  I purchased 2 of them cause that’s all they had.  Trust me when I tell you if they had had 10, I would have bought them all. I cannot tell you how many times when I didn’t stock up that I was unable to find whatever said desired item was when I decided it was time to go looking for it. Sighs… story of my life. So now I always stock up.  Most of the time this works out quite well for me. I do it in other areas of shopping as well.    Clothing trends change and often what is in fashion may not look good on certain body types… ie mine.  This makes it doubly important to stock up when I find what I like and what looks good.  Example below of a shirt I did purchase 8 or 10 of.

One of many of my baby T's (purple purple purple, oh and green too. How I miss Mervyns
One of my many baby T’s (purple purple purple, oh and green too. How I miss Mervyns

Time and wear erases everything eventually. Such is life. My favorite green shirts were getting see-through spots in certain areas and HOLES! As a friend of mine would say.. the rudeness!!! 

Yesterday I held my favorite green shirts close as I said my last goodbyes then unceremoniously tossed them into the waste bucket.  Nothing to do now but move on and find the next set of fabulous shirts.

What about you? Do you get attached and sentimental about any of your clothing? Do you have trouble finding must have items that fit perfectly?

10 thoughts on “Ode to my favorite green shirt

  1. I have some sweaters and jeans I’ve worn for years. It amazes me they’re still holding up. It’s not so much out of sentimentality; it’s more that I just don’t shop much. I have work clothes that I’ve had forever, too. Some since as far back as my residency days! Yikes, did I just admit that?…


    1. giggles… I have lots of stuff that I’ve had for a very long time, and I tend to wear out my favorite stuff before I am willing to part with it. Hey.. if it’s not broken.. no need to fix. It’s just practical. 🙂


  2. YES! I have a few sweaters which I’m saying “The rudeness!” to. I’m not a shopping girl myself, only when it comes to books and baking supplies haha. I know wish I had a duplicate of some of my sweaters. I definitely have troubles finding good fitting clothes and I think I just have to get extras when I have found the perfect sweater again! ^_^



    1. I miss sweaters…it is almost never cold enough here to warrant a sweater. Plus I am going through menopause so I am so often hot. I am on the look out for new shirts. It is tough to find things that fit perfectly. Yes.. absolutely do stock up when you do find them sweet TJ. It has served me well. 🙂


  3. I really do get attached to clothing! I try to live minimalistically, but I have a drawer full of shirts I can’t seem to trim down. I remember exactly when my sister gave me that Pac-man shirt, and when I bought my My Little Pony tank top my first year of law school, and so many fun times in my Skullcrusher Mountain tee. They’re like cloth-based time machines to me, and I can easily imagine debating whether to keep or toss ’em when I’m 90 . . .


    1. That’s so funny. I’m glad I am not alone. I don’t usually have trouble moving on it’s just finding stuff that fits and looks great, but yeah..memories that accompany clothing are often tough to let go. 🙂


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