An Open Letter to Laboratory Garnier

Dear Laboratory Garnier,

I have been using your OUTSTANDING hair color for 20 years.  I am a natural strawberry blonde, but I prefer a slightly darker red.  Now I am mostly gray.  I started graying early so since my late 20s early 30s I have been using your fabulous shade Nutrisse #67.  Today is the last time I will have the pleasure of using your color though, since you have seen fit to discontinue light auburn.

stagecoach in Noelle 022

It seems the trend lately is a lot of fun but unnatural colors.  I understand you must play to your audience, but what about loyalty to your regulars all these years?  You do not have a replacement currently in your line for this shade.  I will now be forced to go to your competition to maintain my signature look.  I have long loved your avocado oil infusion and your 100% gray coverage in a no drip formula. I implore you to reconsider and offer another comparable natural shade of red to replace #67.  I have been recommending your product to anyone who asks for as long as I have been using it.  It is truly the best hair color on the market in my opinion.  My heart is heavy today as I retrieve my very last box that I bought in bulk when I discovered your heartless and traitorous decision to discontinue my shade….


Dani Heart

10 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Laboratory Garnier

    1. As far as I know Karen there isn’t one through the Nutrisse brand, but I am trying Olia (Also Garnier) color # 6.43 Natural light auburn. I had tried a Loreal color that was a definite no-go, and so now I am trying to cover that color with the Olia. It might take a few times for it to come out right. It is very pleasant smelling. It does not appear to match my previous color exactly. We’ll see. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


      1. Karen

        Thanks so much for the information. I will try this one out! 🙂 I’ve had a lot of mishaps trying to get the right shade! LOL


  1. Melody J Haislip

    Dani, this is so sad, and I know exactly how you feel. I had been wearing Revlon’s “Apple Polish” coral lipstick for I dunno how many years when suddenly they discontinued it. I’ve since spent a fortune trying to find a similar color, but the closest I’ve gotten is a mix of a Revlon and an Estee Lauder, and it’s still not the same. That color was Perfect. I know I’m late to the party with my comment, but I feel your pain!

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    1. Yeah it sucks when we love a product and they discontinue it. I have had it happen with several perfumes. One I wore for more than 20 years. sighs… I have found another color..but yeah..still not the same. 😦

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