The truth about Dani is…..

In response to yesterday’s post all were true except for number 3.  I was never a girl-scout.

And the back-stories are…

1) I was raised in ethnic poor neighborhoods and I was a minority.  It wasn’t easy. I sometimes got beat up and I almost never fit in, but I credit my being brought up around ethnicity for my not being racist. You always hear about ethnic children wishing they were white.. when I was a child I use to color all the people in my coloring books brown cause that’s what I wanted to be in order to fit in. Funny how that works.

2) I was once a cheerleader albeit brief, and nothing like the cheerleaders of today.  (grade school)

4) I did win awards for the 50 yard dash in Jr. High… I couldn’t run far..but I could run fast. I wasn’t good at any other sports due to my poor vision. I once got totally clocked by a basketball…maybe even on purpose (who knows) and was knocked down and had to be taken to the nurses office. Never saw it coming. sighs..

5) My very first poem was published in the school newspaper…wish I still had that clipping…it has gotten lost after all these years.

6) I did study to become a travel agent after high school…but my lack of transportation proved exceedingly problematic as well as my vision. At that time booking were done by hand and the manual they used had the smallest print ever.  Thank goodness for computers and progress.  So although I got a certificate I didn’t pursue a career in that field.

Congratulations to Jen Sharp from Sips of Jen and Tonic for guessing correctly.  She wins the prize.

4 thoughts on “The truth about Dani is…..

  1. You are such a sweet heart! We share many things in common. Just to make you feel better (hopefully) I was kicked out of the “Brownies” my first day…..a shame I must endure for ever more LOL,


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