Camping Scary Tales


We weren’t always pro’s at this camping stuff.  I have an amusing tale to tell about one of our first camping trips that was just the two us…

It was a beautiful time of year, the campground was lush and green and the night brought with it a lovely chill that just made us all the more excited to snuggle by the fire pit.  We talked for hours enjoying the flames and aromatic night air.  Finally the cold caught up to us and we moved our party inside. Many glasses of wine and board games later we crawled into our cozy camp bed and began to drift off to sleep….

Everything was perfect…until…. we heard a ruckus right outside the door like someone was going through our ice chest or dog food bin…. we both pop up…now fully awake despite our alcohol induced partial slumber…

Ax murderer moon
Ax murderer moon

Me: Did you hear that??????

Noelle: Yeah…

Then it happened again….scratch, scratch, dig dig… like someone was going through our stuff.

Me: Where’s the AX???????

Noelle: outside in the bin….

Me: Do you think that was a good idea?????!!!!

Noelle:  …loud whisper WELL NOT NOW!!!!???

Needless to say we did not sleep the rest of the night.  It was probably raccoon’s hoping to find a midnight snack..We didn’t find any disturbance to the campsite the next day but the next night we made sure to put the ax inside with us.   Moral of the story…. keep all weapons inside the tent…and secure all your camp goodies or the raccoon’s shall surely make off with them.

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