Black Friday creeping in to blacken our Thanksgiving


I have been watching the History channel today and let me just say that collective ignorance is a very very dangerous thing.  That’s not what this post is about.. but I just thought I would mention it.  Anyway…the commercials for liquor and black Friday sales are already starting.  Although I am not really shocked… I am a little appalled.  There is a growing trend among big greedy retailers to push the window farther and farther back… at this point as of last year,  into the holiday itself in an effort to squeeze every penny out of their customers over their competitors.  It not only maddens me but sickens me, and society, hoping to garner said deals, by and large participates.  It’s not even about the holiday for me.. it’s about the effective corralling and whipping into a frenzy that these greedy bastards get people caught up in just to make more bucks.  Seriously? People have even died! For a DEAL, and the reality is a lot of these so called DEALS can be had throughout the year.  And now it’s not even beginning on Friday but on the holiday itself! REALLY????!!!!!

I don’t know how many of you have ever worked retail.  If you haven’t let me just share with you today how much it SUCKS!!!! Especially on holidays. I once upon a time worked for JCPenney’s  and I personally witnessed a knock down drag out that had to involve a manager to break it up over a cabbage patch doll in mid December!     There are only a few holidays that retailers close for in the first place.  With Thanksgiving now encroached upon… it could end up being just the one big religious holiday of the year which is also right around the corner.   Retail workers put up with a ton of crap.  They usually don’t make a lot, and are forced to work crappy schedules with constantly changing hours, and if they do have to work a holiday they often aren’t paid any extra for it.  If we don’t participate…. two things are likely to happen…. 1) retailers won’t be open on a holiday where they don’t make enough money to warrant it, and 2) maybe some hardworking retail employees can have the day off and have a much needed holiday with their families.  Just sayin…

How do you feel about the growing trend of retailers being open 365 days a year?

6 thoughts on “Black Friday creeping in to blacken our Thanksgiving

  1. Garry Crystal

    Yep, tis the season for retailers to annoy the crap out of everyone in their desperation stakes to get your cash. I was in a greetings card shop over a week ago buying a birthday card (there wasn’t much choice because it was all xmas cards) and they had xmas music playing – I have no idea how shop assistants can put up with that for eight hours a day for nearly eight weeks, I wanted to get the hell out of there after one chorus of whatever xmas song they were playing. In the UK the big xmas adverts come on the television around about the day after Halloween, too much!! Anyway thanks for giving me the chance for this late night moan hohoho, etc.


    1. You are so welcome. Thanks for reading and commenting always good to hear from you. It’s like they think if they show you stuff and play music you will start spending your money regardless. Maybe we should google statistics on that? Hugs


    1. Good for you! Way to take a stand. Really that’s the only thing these retailers will understand is people refusing to purchase until it is time or at all. Thanks for reading and commenting. 🙂


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