Adventures in Camping

Lake Casitas
Lake Casitas

Our trip started out like so many of our trips to our favorite camping destination..with unbridled excitement.  This is how we rejuvenate and manage to keep up with our daily grind.  Although we come here often every visit brings a new experience and different memories to add to our collective.  We haven’t done this in a while and we often worry that we may forget part of our set up or take down and look stupid in front of whomever our neighbor happens to be.  Part of the fun of camping is people watching.  Campers are a bunch of sticky beaks and they delight in watching the often hilarious demise of others who forgot and are struggling with set-up or take down.  Sadly… or not, we are not above this so this experience is most likely part of our Karma.

We have a pop-up tent trailer so there is approx 45 mins of set up required before the relaxation begins.  On arrival we backed into our space effortlessly (definitely not always the case) and lined our trailer up perfectly with the hook up. Yay! Then the drama began… so we hop out and attempt to unhook the trailer from our tow hitch.  This is usually not difficult but can require some manipulation.  Our neighbors the only other people in the entire campsite are already there and watching as we arrive. I think they brought out a table and put a table cloth on and that was the extent of their set-up cause they had a C-class rv that just has to park.  One day we will have that too.  Anyway… the female of the duo was positioned in a camp chair (cowboy hat and sunglasses so we couldn’t see her beady laughing eyes that were no doubt boring holes into us) watching as we began our setup.  For whatever reason we could not for the life of us get our trailer off the hitch. We tried everything… up, down, up, down, wiggle waggle, and nothing.  We kept going up and down because we couldn’t remember which way we needed to position it to toggle the tension/pressure to release the hitch.  Now the male neighbor has joined the hillbilly lady in an identical camp chair also with sunglasses, to gawk at us as we continue our struggle.  Not once, did either of them even say hi, or offer any assistance.  I liken this experience to trying to put on a pair of shorts, and the hole you need to put your foot in is quite large…but your dumb ass can’t do it to save your life without losing your balance and falling to the floor, while your spouse watches and laughs their ass off.  We even broke the hammer claw attempting to force the latch to release. Talk about embarrassing.  I get the bright idea to remove the hitch from the truck itself by taking out the pin. So we do this, with some effort, and it works,the tension releases as the hitch drops to the ground and all is well after 20 mins of finagling,  but it is akin to giving up on standing to put the shorts on and sitting on the bed to put your foot through the hole.    Just wow! I have to say that leaving was much more relaxed and we remembered that we needed to raise the trailer up as much a possible to get the hitch to release and sometimes that means using the chocks under to wheel to achieve the height required to do so.  We could have done that before but we were so nerve wracked being watched that we didn’t think of it.  Again Karma.  I can’t tell you how many times we have delighted in watching camp neighbors attempt to set up tents, screen rooms , camp trailers.  It is something that should definitely go on youtube, in fact…maybe I should check that the lady wasn’t videoing us…she did have a phone. lol The rest of our trip was peaceful and wonderful. Here are some fabulous photos to prove it! 😉

lake casitas nov 2013 007

Noelle's new little skunk friend
Noelle’s new little skunk friend
Mr. Hawk freaking out the Crows
Mr. Hawk freaking out the Crows

lake casitas nov 2013 005

A friendly Praying Mantis
A friendly Praying Mantis

lake casitas nov 2013 011lake casitas nov 2013 034

lake casitas nov 2013 002

lake casitas nov 2013 012

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