The Letter


And so he told her…

Don’t forget the strawberries!

It’s all about the strawberries.

Lest you spend an existence

wandering through life’s mazes

ever searching for the way out.


And when perchance you hold one

savor its succulence with fevered fervor.

Declare your passions decidedly

with lines large and boldly drawn.


Gifts are meant to be cherished.

Do see that yours get unwrapped?


Eternally Yours,



Copyright 11/2013

Dani Heart

6 thoughts on “The Letter

    1. Giggles at Jen…. it could definitely be taken that way. This literally came to me in a dream.state.. and was narrated by a southern gentleman. I think it is probably subject to interpretation like all poetry…but my feeling about it was that life is about the journey and not about the destination. 😉 xo


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