A Snow Bunny Tale

The drive up the mountain was uneventful and breathtaking.  I have always had a love of snow. It speaks to me in such a profound way that I have difficulty explaining.  If you asked most people if they had ever heard the snow falling… they would probably say… you can’t hear snow falling! But you can, if you listen closely and just be still. It is the loudest softest silence I have ever heard, and it’s amazing.  Raised in a desert-y region I am always happy to visit snow. I am well aware that those who live in snow have an entirely different story to tell about it.  So we’ve seen dozens of lovely pull-offs and no cars in like almost an hour going either direction, so we decide to stop and find a place to appease mother nature’s call.  We found this perfect little alcove just off the road, and as I descended down into it I was mesmerized. So much so that my then boyfriend had to offer loud words of encouragement to hurry me along.  “You gonna be all day down there or what/!!” I can see him up at the road glaring down at me, but I could have stayed in this one location for much much longer.  Anyway…. I figure I better move it along before he comes down to see about me. So I unzip my HOT pink ski bib (certain I cannot be viewed from the road) and commence to relieve myself.  All of a sudden a whole line of cars came down the road…. and apparently they could see down to where I was after all.  There was a parade of horn honking and yelling out the window, hoots and hollers as they all went speeding by.  My boyfriend was just up there laughing.  Now I don’t know if you have taken a good look at my photo…. but I am extremely fair skinned.  Suffice it to say my HOT pink ski bib made my rear end stick out like a sore thumb.  I managed to finish my business and redress through fumbling and take my very embarrassed ass back up to my hyena laughing boyfriend.  At this point I figure … no worries…we don’t live in this area… and I will never see these people again… so whatevs.  So we follow our little road up to the top and hop out to survey the area for a good place to take our sled.  As I exit the car I again hear hoots and hollers, people pointing, laughing, and whispering.  I guess I had to see those people just one more time in my (HOT pink no one could miss ski bib from hell) before I could pretend this never happened. sheeesh… So anyway… we were talking about the profoundly beautiful snow…..

Thank you Jen from sipsofjenandtonic for the inspiration for this post.  It was your post Vag of Dishonor that got me thinking about this very thing.


10 thoughts on “A Snow Bunny Tale

  1. Oh my goodness!! I don’t have stories like that to tell I think. Maybe I blocked it all. I have made odd slides in the store, to the point where I sit on the floor, holding the cart wondering how the hell I got there. Obviously Cilla was the one who saw it and laughed her ass off. I also trip in slow motion and this people do see I think…hehe 🙂


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