The one thing I would rid the world of if I could is…..

I forget who posed this question to me (maybe it was a daily prompt) I don’t know, but the debate that ensued in my head is as follows… lol

hmmm I could rid the world of hunger yeah.. that’s it. wait… I could rid the world of killers, psychopaths… yeah that’s it.. wait… assholes… I could rid the world of assholes… wait… I could rid the world of evil politicians… yeah that’s it…I could rid the world of pollution.. yeah that’s it…

You get the idea. Well the truth is I guess that there will always have to be some sort of balance.  So following that if we rid the world of one thing there will likely be something to take it’s place.  I would like that not to be the case.. that goes without saying.  

So what would I truly rid the world of if I had to choose…. that’s a good question and I have to admit I am having great deal of difficulty coming up with the answer.  Those that know me,  know that I am against Big Ag and Big Pharma.  If I rid the world of disease that would pretty much put Big Pharma out of business. That would make me very happy.  The idea of being able to do that with one fail swoop is most appealing.  If I rid the world of Monsanto our food supply would again be intact, hence better health, better market for local farmers, so forth and so on.  Then there’s that hunger thing again… no one should ever have to be hungry. sighs….. dilemmas dilemmas.  I think I am going to have to go with (horn tooting announcement) ridding the world of DISEASE.  Why did I choose this? Well I cannot stand suffering.  If there is no disease people will not die awful painful deaths with long term suffering because we cannot get health insurance under control and we cannot make up our minds regarding end of life issues (euthanasia)  We would still need doctors because there would still be deterioration due to aging.  BOOM! Big pharma out of business. Like it!  So what would you rid the world of if you could choose?

10 thoughts on “The one thing I would rid the world of if I could is…..

  1. I would get rid of poverty because it’s the instigator of so many things: hunger, disease, crime. There would still be plenty of woes in the world and evil-doers, but at least it would be a start. 🙂


  2. I’d get rid of the need for wealth. It is the fundamental cause of so many things: Big Pharma, wars, poverty, depression, illness, etc. If we have people motivated by things other than money, I think the world would be better off.


    1. Jealousy is a very ugly thing Rara. I have seen it ruin many a relationship. A friend of mine got part of her inheritance in the form of a very nice home in a pretty great area and sadly many were so envious that they couldn’t be happy for her. It was sad. She lost friends over it. Always happy to see you Rara. 🙂


  3. Noelle

    I am at a tie with ridding the world of Hunting & pollution!

    eliminating pollution would be a great start to reversing all the wrongs humans have done to the earth. This of coarse would eliminate Monsanto because they are polluting the crops:) Might also help with getting our weather back on track:)

    eliminating Hunting would reverse effects that humans have had on the balance of nature. We have done so much destruction to animals in the wild and have ultimately killed off animals that we needed to have a natural balance. All for money and what we call sport. Its sad how if we go into the forest and get attacked by a bear its the bears fault and it gets killed (hello we are in his house!) But when the bear comes into a town because its looking for food and water it gets killed because its a danger. How do animals have a chance? 😦


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