Guess who’s coming to dinner?

Thanksgiving 2012 008

A long time ago I posed a question to a friend. I asked her if she could have dinner with someone who had passed on who would it be and why.  She responded recently via a blog post and lamented on how difficult it was to choose just one person. I totally agree with her…it is far too difficult to choose just one person. So I have decided to revise the question and answer it here myself.

If you could have 5 separate evenings with the five people of your choosing who have passed on… who would they be and why?

Silly me… I thought this would make it easier….not so much.  Some of the people I wish I could spend and evening with are still alive…but I guess that’s another question entirely.   Anyway… here are my top 5 choices.  I would love to know who yours are in your responses or possible posts of your own.

1) Hatshepsut – The first female Pharaoh of Egypt 1473 and 1458 B.C,   Of course I would need a savvy Egyptian translator, but having an evening to pick her brain on how she managed to become the first female Pharaoh in a male dominated society = priceless.  Also… she was probably HOT! in her Egyptian garb… just saying.

2) Emily Dickinson – I think the reasons are fairly obvious for this one. Great poet, possible closeted lesbian. There is something about the photographs of her that are just haunting. I would love to hear her recite some of her poems.  Interesting note: I have never read the poetry from the greats (except Poe), I have this thing about not having my style influenced.  Today is the first day I read some of Emily’s work.  It is her personal story and the words between the lines that lead to her poetry that interest me, and you can only get that from the horse’s mouth.  I do find some of her poetry very beautiful, particularly (If You Were Coming in the Fall)

3) Edgar Allen Poe – Just to hear him recite the (The Raven) okay and pick his brain some.  Did you know that he self-published his first works, and that despite how famous he has become that he died a near pauper? His poetry is dark, and chilling but awesomely beautiful.

4) John Lennon – now that would be some interesting dinner conversation for sure.

5) My mom – Healed and joyful in mind, body, and soul.  What a time we would have.

6) The Cheshire Cat – I know it’s a fictional character but I can only begin to imagine the peculiar scenarios that might erupt with a smiling cat that disappears and reappears on a whim. 

So that’s it, that’s my 5 (ahem 6) giggles. Special thanks to TJ Lubrano for the inspiration.


22 thoughts on “Guess who’s coming to dinner?

  1. Hmm, what a great question. The only person I can think of right away is my father since he died before I was born. Now that would be a trip! As for famous dinner guests, I’ll have to give it a ponder. Very interesting. 🙂


  2. This is so strange, but I wouldn’t really care to have dinner with anyone. I’ve never cared enough about anyone who has died (famous or not) enough to want to have dinner with them. That probably says something about me.


    1. That is a little strange… but I get it.. cause I really had to think …cause you know there are some sort of obvious names that come to mind and then I think would we have anything in common and really would it even be worth it…who knows. I just think you are very practical like that. 🙂 2 down…28 to go. 😉


  3. Oh, that is a tough one. I’m like on the other side of Jen’s coin when it comes to this– I’m always down for a meal with anyone. 😀 Even someone I don’t really like would be an interesting dinner companion… but Emily Dickinson would be an especially fascinating person to meet. 🙂 I loved your list– though #6 most especially. 😀


    1. Aw.. thank you Rara I put 6 sort of as a funny..but I truly love the Cheshire cat and wish it were real. 🙂 I do like to have dinner too, and the more interesting the guests makes for a special evening. 🙂


  4. The Cheshire Cat!! Oh my gosh! That would be awesome 🙂 I have Dory at my table so I hope Cheshire will stay put. hehe. Your list is very cool and you’re right, adding more people doesn’t make it easier haha!


  5. TJ I secretly wish for the Cheshire Cat the most. I am sure he will stay to play with Dory. Maybe one day you will paint me a perfect Cheshire Cat. I would love that. Maybe we have to talk about that commission too. 😉


  6. cindy

    Great read again. You always come up with such great topics. First it would be by dad. I miss a lot and because of my mother I didn’t get to enjoy enough time with him and now I have regrets. Next my grandma, my dads mom who died before I was born so I never got to know her. My best friend Mary from high school 3rd. She passed too soon and because I lived 3,000 miles away we lost a lot of years after high school but ice as fortunate enough to see her a couple months before herpassing llast year.


  7. The more time we spend at your blog, the more we want to hang out with you!!
    (Mathair) My first choice most definitely, Nirvana!! The 3 men sitting & eating pizza with me & cold beers. Coarse afterwards they’d probably trash my kitchen. lol 😛 #2. Bette Midler. Luv her voice, luv her acting, luv everything about her!! #3. Tim Burton. Crazy I know but he just seems like he would be utterly cool to dine with & luv his dark, genius mind. #4. Meryl Streep, luv the woman! #5. Tom Hardy, because…….well, because he’s Tom Hardy!

    (Inion) #1. Emma Thompson, who she’s had a girl-crunch on since she was 10. #2. Kenneth Branagh who is Mrs. Thompson’s ex & who my daughter believes is a brilliant writer. #3. Anne Rice. #4. Gary Oldman, who she has also loved since she was 10. & lastly #5. Alexander Skarsgard for reasons which I’m sure are obvious. LOL

    Thank you for allowing us to dream big & have to say, that your choices we’re amazing as well as an eye-opener. We had never heard of this fierce woman who ruled Egypt. So bad ass!! We will be doing some research for sure. Hatshepsut Fantastic 🙂


    1. Yeah Hatshepsut was pretty amazing. Sadly she died of an abscessed tooth…they didn’t have anti-biotics back then..and her brother stole the throne from her daughter and erased all evidence of his sister in the process. 🙂 She was definitely bad ass. Thank you so much for stopping by and playing along. Fun choices from both of you. 🙂


  8. Johney

    “If you could have 5 separate evenings with the five people of your choosing who have passed on… who would they be and why?”

    Wow! So very hard to narrow down to JUST five! Also, I think I would rather have 1 dinner with ALL 5 together…how intriguing dinner banter would be then! lol

    1. Jesus Christ- for obvious reasons! 🙂 To converse with him in person, in the flesh….

    2. Bruce Lee-the man was a philosophical genius and inspiring! Plus, maybe I could get him to give some after dinner demonstrations of his martial prowess 😀

    3. My Grandfather-the greatest, wisest and most loving man I ever knew!

    4. Nikola Tesla-oh the discussions I would love to have with that mad genius!

    5. Julia Child-a true culinary darling with a passion in the kitchen to match my own! Maybe I could get her to help with desert 😉


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