For Now


For Now…

Lil sister spins round in circles

oblivious to her public surroundings.

She is alive in the moment

embracing all that she perceives with open arms.

For now,  she revels in her innocence.

Her sweet little light radiates and it is infectious.

She is completely unaware of the dangers

that await her growing up as a commodity

in a world wrought with exploitation ,

gender inequality and  isms innumerable.

For now,  big sister watches, directs, and looks out for

little sister… she is safe and protected in the womb of family…

For now…



Dani Heart

4 thoughts on “For Now

  1. I often worried about how difficult it would be to raise a daughter in this society. Having two sons, I escaped that, but I realize the task is just as daunting. I have to raise males in a misogynistic society and hopefully make them aware of the “isms innumerable” so that they don’t contribute to them.

    Strong piece.


    1. Thank you Carrie. It’s tough… I like to think we raised 3 good men, but you cannot control what they learn elsewhere. I have a step daughter that I helped raise and I empowered her as often as I could, and gave her all the love I could so that she didn’t seek it in the wrong places. She, along with our sons turned out pretty great if you ask me. I am sure yours have as well. Hugs


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