Friday the 13th! Superstitious mumbo jumbo or ill fated destiny?

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I have never been one to be superstitious….and this is the first time that something not so good has happened to me on a Friday the 13th.  It was bizarre and the timing was uncanny, coincidence? I know people who avoid doing anything that is risky on this day, and for some that means merely leaving the house.   That said… here’s my story and you can decide for yourself.  It is part comical and part awful, and in the end,  hilarity aside, it is something that needs to be seriously addressed.

On this Friday the 13th my friend and I decided that we would venture out to grab a bite at a favorite fast food haunt.  We hopped into my Honda CRV and we headed to (The Habit) across town.  As we pulled in to park we could smell the yummy burgers cooking through the car vents and we could not wait to get inside and order.  My car automatically locks all the doors once the vehicle is engaged at a certain point of acceleration and it unlocks the drivers door when the vehicle is put in park.  My car now in park I go to open my door only to discover that it is still locked along with all the other doors.  I think to myself that’s odd, but go ahead and press it again so Victoria and I can exit and get our food. ( Cue the Twilight Zone music here) No sooner than I clicked unlock than it  re-locked on its own.  Again odd, glitch maybe? So I did it again, and again it complied and then immediately re-locked as if it were intentionally mocking me/us.  So now I look at it quizzically brows furrowed and do it again.  Again the same result! I look over at Victoria thinking that she is messing with me by pushing the lock button on her door to re-lock it right after I unlock it, and I say “Stop it!” to which she replies… “I’m not doing it!” Now we look like children in the car making faces and playing with the lock system as we attempt to figure it out and free ourselves.  Holy Crap I exclaim! We’re locked in!!!  We managed to manually unlock the passenger door and escape, but I had to climb across the center console to do it.  Despite what you might think, this was not an easy task, and in an emergency situation maybe not even possible.    We left that door unlocked so that we could get back in.  We got our food got back in and came directly home.  I phoned the dealership and told them what was up and they said it could just be a faulty door actuator.  Since my car is just out of warranty that would most likely run me $260.00.  I protested that this was not merely a mechanical failure but a true safety issue.  I said even if the auto lock failed I should still be able to manually get in and out of the car with my key and I cannot.   To which they said the defect warranty is also expired.   So I bid them good day and commenced to get on the internet.

Hmmmm it turns out… that there are many other people with Honda CRV 2007-2010 who have suffered the same fate. Interestingly there is a class action law suit pending against Honda for just this issue.  Funny, the dealership neglected to mention that!  So I contacted the attorney representing the class and related my story.  In the meantime I decided to wait and see what Monday brought because I did not want to be without my car over the weekend.  Sunday it seemed to be working properly again… so I decided to wait as long as I could before coughing up the money for this repair.  On Tuesday, per our usual I drove 20 mins to pick my wife up for lunch.  Everything was normal till we went to get into the car to head to the restaurant. (Cue the Twilight music again) Now were are locked out, and there was NO way in.  At this point you just have to laugh.  I mean it was actually pretty funny.  We tried everything, nothing worked.  My beautiful Giselle was mocking us for sure now.  We took my wife’s car to lunch and I figured I would call AAA when we got back and have them tow it to the dealership, or slim jim the door so I could drive it over there myself.  No sense ruining lunch after all.  Luckily when I returned and I pushed the unlock button the car magically opened.

Back behind the wheel and headed for repair. Whew!!!
Back behind the wheel and headed for repair. Whew!!!

I hopped in and went straight to the dealership, because now if I don’t pay for the repair I am not going to be able to use my car.  Of course when I pull in and tell the  rico suave sales guy in the service dept what is going on and he checks it, everything seems to be working fine. (Giselle again being mockful)  So I convince him to get into my car and lock himself in and then try to unlock it to illustrate my point.  Of course he obliges, and I smile to myself my very best (welcome to my parlor said the spider to the fly) smile, as he in fact does get locked in the car.  I truly did my best to hide my laughter as he looked at me from inside with incredulity, his mouth agape in disbelief, but I let it out with reckless abandon as I motioned for him with my (see I told you so) wave to unlock and exit through the passenger door.  Now.. Rico suave not wanting to be alone in his humulity repeats with fervor the same invitation and results to two more of the service technicians under the guise of illustrating said problem.  By now I am in hysterics and so are they, as in turn 3 people get locked in the car and have to escape.   But then…. rico suave decides to lock the car as we walk away to do the paperwork.  Really really bad idea, cause now…. no one can get in.  I don’t think I will ever un-see the mayhem of the service manager and two service technicians attempting to get into my locked car.  It was like an episode of Tom and Jerry.  I offered to call AAA for them but they all put their chests out and said “we got this”, so that’s when I had to walk away.  It took them an hour of waiting before Giselle decided to let them in.  LOL

My beautiful Giselle mocking the service dept who could not get her open. (hahahahahaha bitches)
My beautiful Giselle mocking the service dept who could not get her open. (hahahahahaha bitches)

3 hours and $260.00 dollars later my Giselle is good as new.  Yay! Whether or not the law suit goes forward this major safety flaw needs to be addressed.  Parts fail.. I get that, but depending on the circumstances being locked in or out of your car could cost you your life, not just your ability to drive.  Automatic everything seems to be the way these days, and  don’t get me wrong… I enjoy it as much as the next person, but  there needs to be a way to manually get in an out of your vehicle if that system does fail.  It’s simply a matter of safety.

So was this a freaky deaky Friday the 13th happening…. I choose to believe it was merely coincidence.  What about you?

12 thoughts on “Friday the 13th! Superstitious mumbo jumbo or ill fated destiny?

  1. At least it malfunctioned for them, too. It’s horrible to have whatever’s not working for you work perfectly for them. Then they all think you’re crazy. I can’t believe you had to pay for that. It really seems like something Honda should cover. You’re right–it’s a huge safety issue. Glad you’re all right, and it IS kind of funny, especially the macho boys getting locked in, but sheesh, think if you got caught in flooded waters like they did in Colorado and couldn’t get out. Yikes!


    1. I know I am really grateful that it happened in the places that it did, and there was help available..that was my first thought actually was what if I just ran off a bridge into a river and couldn’t get out of my car.. scary. Your comments always make me smile. Hugs


  2. It sounds like Bsd timing to me. What a pain! I’m sorry it cost you but sm glad you got it fixed. And I’m really glad the technicians got a taste of it themselves. I would have been laughing too!


  3. I don’t believe in Friday the 13th stuff but I’m glad you’re safe nonetheless!

    PS I may not be reading as much as I’d like, but I always enjoy the beautiful flowers you post on FB. You make the world a happier place!


  4. Awww thank you Stacie. You are so sweet. I enjoy putting something positive out there, and you know a lot of people don’t comment on the flowers and some do not even click the like button… but should I miss a day I will hear about it!. LOL It’s nice to know that people appreciate. I love photographing the flowers and it’s fun to share my passion. As for Friday the 13th.. I think it’s all Hocus but everyone likes good folklore. 🙂


  5. So so glad Giselle is back to normal and that nothing worse happened. I love that name 🙂 I think there’s extra luck on Friday the 13th, but people tend to float to the scary side much quicker haha. I don’t believe it’s a bad day at all. xoxoxo


  6. frogsiren

    Thank goodness it acted up at the dealership. It’s like when you take your kids to the Dr. because they’ve felt so terrible and they suddenly just don’t have the symptoms when you get there. Just imagining not being able to get out in an emergency is frightening… Although you could have just done it Dukes of Hazzard style 🙂


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