With hungry eyes and a sense of entitlement

you inspected our bodies as we exited the pool.

As if we were pieces of fruit you could toss to the

side in favor one you deemed to be free of blemishes…

(heaven forbid there be cellulite!)

and when you expressed with glee to me that I

had made your imaginary aesthetic cut,

that compared to girls ten years plus my junior

who hadn’t born children… there were no

discernable differences that your pea brain could


though my ravaged self esteem eagerly

lapped up that ration of slop

you so benevolently bestowed upon me…

I knew in that moment that you could

never be worthy of everything I had to offer.

© Dani Heart


6 thoughts on “Epiphany

    1. LOL. Thank you Jen. This is actually a long ago memory from when I first got really thin… all this body image stuff just made me think of it. 🙂 You like always…make me smile and laugh. Hugs


    1. thank you Elizabeth. I have struggled with my weight most of my life, and it took me some time, maturity, and some yo yo-ing to figure out that my worth had nothing to do with body image. I am fortunate to be totally comfortable with myself now. I wish that for every woman, girl. 🙂


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