Impending Reckoning

Sun going down on us
Sun going down on us

Impending Reckoning


As I drive past the once lush landscape

still smoldering…

An eerie silence fills the air, and I am

again reminded that our grasp on control

is tenuous at best.


The earth lives, breathes, and she’s angry…

at our continual assaults on the plentitude

she affords us.


Like a loving parent, stern, but kind,  

she sends urgent, painful warnings

that our behavior needs to change.


Like the willful, stubborn children we are,

we fail to listen…instead we push and

exceed her boundaries with record speed.

There are even those among us

who in the pursuit of money and power,

have had the audacity to alter her sacred seeds.


As if they could somehow do better than

nature intended!?


Her patience is waning,

and time is running out.

Would that we become enlightened

before she loses her temper;

or maybe… that’s just what we deserve!?

Copyright Dani Heart   5/16/13


8 thoughts on “Impending Reckoning

  1. That might be the only way the earth survives… is if we don’t. How sad is that? Is it really so hard for people to be respectful of the environment? sighs… Thank you Jen…so good to see you. Hugs..


  2. Ah I felt the sadness and anger in this one. The Earth is indeed angry. Humans are being so disastrous with it and taking it all for granted. The mindset that most people have today make it feel that we “deserve” it. There are plenty of people who want to make a difference and they don’t deserve it. Humans are a tricky bunch huh?


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