Prep Time

photo credit: James Jordan via photopin cc
photo credit: James Jordan via photopin cc

Today I thought of you…

of precious moments in our now distant past.

With warm fuzzy fondness I recall…

two zombie like figures huddled in front of the heater,

you with your egg drink, and me with my iced coffee,

sometimes two blankets, sometimes one;

the sun commencing the hour oblivious to our objections.

I miss that sweet, simple and tender connection…

mother and child…

fifteen to thirty minutes of nurturing, bonding, cuddling,

before we had to be assaulted by our day.

(For Setsuna)

copyright Dani HeartΒ  4/4/2013

9 thoughts on “Prep Time

    1. His choosing. πŸ™‚ He tells me he wanted to dissociate from his father. He is lovely, of course I am biased. giggles. We had a lot of good times when he was little. I need to try an visit him. He is several states away now. Hugs


      1. I knew it sounded familiar! It’s from an anime πŸ™‚ How cool is that!! Well, he has a sweet mom like you, pretty sure he takes after you! I hope you can visit him soon. Hugs back to you xoxo


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