Haircut Hazards

Firstly let me state that I LOVE my hair stylist.  She always cuts my hair perfectly.

Today was like any other day that she cuts my hair with one small exception. She innocently, without me realizing because we were chatting, put a leave in product into my hair after washing. As soon as she started doing it I realized and asked her to stop. She has never done this before so it has not been an issue.  The smell of it instantly offended me, and I have never been able to abide leave in products in my hair.  It was musky and made me smell like a dude.  My hair is temperamental and refuses to perform with that crap put in.  She offered to wash it out, and I should have taken her up on that, but I was feeling a little like a pain in the ass and was hoping that the smell would dissipate as my hair dried. Nope! It didn’t, and to top it off,  it was giving me a major headache (inherited allergies to various scents).  So I got home and tried wetting it down to sort of wash it without having to jump in the shower. That didn’t work either and when it was dry…it was FLAT and icky.. like helmet hair for those of you who ride, and it still stunk.   At this point I succumb to the fact that a full on shower and washing of the hair will be necessary.  If you have or know anyone who is OCD you know how important routines and planning are! A full on shower/wash cycle steals an hour out of my day and it wasn’t on the schedule!  No I am not a water hog, but my routine includes misc grooming and drying time because I never blow dry my hair. I always let it dry on it’s own.  Thankfully the washing removed most of the fowl odor and my headache has abated.  I took pics of how my hair looked dried with the leave in product on.  Now that I have rewashed it I will include a pic when it’s dry of how it normally looks.

Dried hair with leave in product. Euww!

It generally looks like my thumbnail pic.  I am very fortunate in that I do nothing to style it. I comb it the way I would like it to dry and voila! Don’t hate me because I am able to do this… I assure you I have drawn the short stick elsewhere.

Back to normal after rewashing. WoooHooo!
Back to normal after rewashing. WoooHooo!

My point is this… for all the well meaning hair stylists out there.. it is always a good idea to ask your client before putting something into their hair after washing.  Many people like me, have allergies and you could really put a damper on someone’s day. Even if one doesn’t have allergies,  leave in products affect how the hair behaves, often weighing it down (photos above) and some clients will not be satisfied with the results.   If I didn’t love my hairstylist, and was just trying out someone new, I wouldn’t go back because I really feel she should have asked.  It’s common courtesy, but don’t get me started on assumptions!

14 thoughts on “Haircut Hazards

  1. I’m with you, I don’t like leave-in products. They make my hair feel heavy and icky. But unlike you, if I don’t blow dry my hair straight, it dries with unflattering waves in it. Your waves, however, are gorgeous. I would love it if I could air dry my hair and have it end up looking so full and rich!


  2. I feel so bad for people who have to blow dry their hair. Thank you for the sweet compliment. I love curls and waves and I have always envied people with naturally curly hair. Anyway what you do do with your hair looks fabulous. 🙂


  3. I think some stylists are more sensitive to things like this with new clients than they are with those they’ve had for some time. I absolutely adore my stylist, and she actually has been more helpful with not putting in very much product, because my hair is so long that everything just weighs it down (and the little bit she does use smells really yummy, very light and citrus-y).

    But she likes to play, because I do have so much hair, and I always have to remind her not to pull it too flat against my head (in a Megan Fox kind of style, Megan Fox can pull it off, I don’t care for it). Forgot to remind her time before last, and it was flat to my head.

    I really wanted to comment and say that picture is gorgeous, though! You’re absolutely beautiful anyway, but your smile is so bright and your eyes are so sparkly, I love it. 🙂

    I’m sorry about the smells giving you a headache. I have a super-sensitive sense of smell (I get sick to my stomach, though), and I always try to be really careful when applying perfume so that no one who isn’t very, very close to me can smell it. If they get that close, I either know them well enough to know it doesn’t bother them, or they deserve the headache if I don’t!

    And (to make this even longer), I can relate on the shower routine, especially with hair-washing. I just let mine air dry, too, but it takes at least three to four hours (seriously), so I have to plan. I would have ended up trying to sleep with wet hair! (Never fun.)


  4. Awww Ruby you are so sweet. Thank you. I do get absolutely sick to my stomach at a lot of smells and if I don’t get away I will actually hork. I could never be a CSI. There are not very many that give me a headache but when they do they do. It is usually a cologne or perfume and I never know until it happens. I have never had them use a shampoo or conditioner on me that was a problem. So yay for that. lol But this leave in stuff smelled like a mens cologne musky..euww.. lol It’s tough to find a great stylist that doesn’t cost a fortune. I really do love my stylist and I am sure she will remember in the future. I know what you mean about drying time..when my hair was longer it took a lot longer to dry too. It still takes a good 40-45 mins depending on the weather and temperature. I also know what you mean about what style works for you. So good to see you here. 🙂


  5. Stacie, my Noelle has the same fine hair and drama. sighs.. I feel for you. I think the only people that the leave in product works for is people with really frizzy course hair maybe? I was feeling a bit like my head went in the crude oil LOL. Thanks for the visit and comment. 🙂


  6. Ah hairdressers! I always had a problem going to one because my hair is trickier to cut than it looks like. When it comes to leave in products, I’m with you on the smell and not all works for me either. It annoyed me that hairdressers always thought that they “knew” my hair. Even though my hair is wavy/curly…it’s soft and lots of products weight it down. The hairdresser often added a bunch of stuff in it, so it looked nice the first 30 minutes and then POOF….flat-head. I usually washed my hair after I went to the hairdresser haha. BUT now I’m lucky enough that Cilla cuts my hair as I want simple long layers, so no problems with products as I just use my own stuff after she cuts it! Plus, it saves me money hehe.

    I love how your hair falls naturally! AND I love your hair color too! I’ve a weak for red/orange hair colors. Lucky you! 🙂


  7. TJ Thank you, I too love red/oranges so much. When I was pregnant I only asked for one thing from the powers that be…that my baby have red hair. I didn’t care boy or girl..just red and I got my wish. 😉 He is so beautiful son. How cool that your sister cuts your hair. You girls are so lucky to have each other. I am very lucky that my hair falls into place on it own. It wasn’t always like that…I had to find the haircut that fit it. Luckily.. I like the haircut cause that’s what my hair wants to do naturally. 🙂 Always good to see you here. Hugs


    1. Big hugs back!! I know I haven’t been THAT great with catching up with the blogs. So little time here. Your hair color suits you perfectly and how cool that your son got it as well! Let me give you some extra hugs!!! xox 🙂


  8. Dani, I love your expression in the ‘Seriously?’ photo. Sorry about the fowl odor. Was it chicken, turkey or duck? Or maybe terduckhen? I know about having a hairdresser you can count on. When I moved to Portland I tried to convince her to come too. I mean after twenty years, you’d think there’d be some loyalty there, but she’s still in MD. Funny story! 🙂


  9. Yes one would think there would some loyalty there Melody. LOL I tried to convince my previous manicurest of the same thing and for a while I commuted the hour each way to see her because she was worth it. I don’t bother with my nails anymore. I am just trying to get them naturally healthy. I love your newest post at EP. I so appreciate those that stand up for what’s right. Thank you for your lovely comment. Hugs.


  10. My hair is totally the opposite! If there isn’t something in it post-wash it takes on a life of its own. My hair is thick and wavy so it ends up puffing up to three time the size of my head!! Having said that, I carry my own bottle with me when I go to the salon. I use sulfate and silicon-free products which most salons don’t really carry. The other stuff makes my head itchy.


  11. Jen I have to say I like the visual of your hair taking on a life of it’s own. LOL I totally understand though, I know someone else who has that same issue. We all have our things. I can’t stand when something makes my head itch. Just wrong. lol Thank you sweet Jen for stopping by. Hugs.


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