Review of Chris Rene’s music cd I’m Right Here

Chris Rene 001

I find it interesting that so often on reality singing shows that the winner and sometimes even the runner up end up going nowhere while the ones right below them seem to find their niche and make it.  Such is the case with X Factor alumni Chris Rene.  I have to admit that I actually shed tears at his audition.  His story is very inspirational and he is so positive.  He was brave as he auditioned for the judges a song that he wrote both the lyrics and the music for..(something they caution contestants not to do), and Young Homie was an instant run away hit.  It pretty much went viral.  So I was very excited to learn he was signed by Epic and would be releasing a cd.  Oct 2, 2012 his new cd came out and I pre-ordered it on Amazon.  It came the other day and I am wowed.  Firstly let me say how appropriate the title is.  I read in a couple of articles some other titles that were considered, and I have to give kudos to Chris for making good on his promise to LA Reid to be RIGHT HERE.  His voice is sweet like honey and when he raps you can actually understand him.  His lyrics are heartfelt and honest but real. He is a perfect crossover artist blending pop and rap in a style that is uniquely his and could quite possibly even create a new genre.   I was very moved by his song (Gonna be okay) because it really tells his story, and the story of addiction.  In particular that song addresses why often as youths we want to be high or intoxicated and it’s very relatable.  My only disappointment is that there are only 7 tracks…wishing for more. I suspect we will continue to see good things from Chris Rene.  So on the Heart Chart… I’m Right Here gets 5 out of 5 hearts. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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